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The Sao Paulo Forum makes its U.S. debut at the Whitcomb, San Francisco.

12 noviembre 2009

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By Gustavo Coronel

Hotel Whitcomb - San Francisco, CA

Hotel Whitcomb - San Francisco, CA

Gustavo Coronel, geólogo venezolanoThe Whitcomb hotel, where the meting will be held…
currently holding a huge «same-sex» dancing event.

The Sao Paulo Forum was created almost 20 years ago in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, by the Cuban Communist party and the Brazilian Workers Federation in order to redefine extreme leftist political strategies after the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. It has held 15 summits, with the participation of the terrorist Colombian FARC, the Venezuelan Socialist and Communist parties, the Nicaraguan Sandinistas and every Communist Party in the hemisphere, including the powerful Cuban organization. A number of Latin American presidents have also attended these meetings: Cuba’s Raul Castro, Brazil’s Lula, Bolivia’s Evo Morales, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and, of course, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Although the group generates no written documents, it regularly denounces free market policies; capitalism, globalization, democracy and U.S. foreign policy, while promoting communist/socialist values and policies that have been proven untenable wherever applied. The members of the Forum are dedicated to the essential objective of destroying the United States, country that they see as the symbol of all that is wrong in the world. The fact that Brazil’s President Lula is a founding member of this forum and, at the same time, a darling of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America is one of the numerous paradoxes that exist in the region where «magic realism» was born.Well, this group dedicated to the destruction of the United States will have its first public meeting in U.S. soil in San Francisco, California, on Sunday, November 15. Appropriately the forum will meet at the mercifully defined as «historic» Whitcomb Hotel, a place that visitors often consider a dump.

The decision to hold it in San Francisco was taken in the XV Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum, held recently in Mexico City. The group chose to begin their activities in the Bay Area of San Francisco due to the «progressive history and political significance» of that city.A Latin American non-government (NGO) organization, UnoAmerica, was created about three years ago to counter the activities of this forum. Headquartered in Bogotá, UNOAMERICA has been put together, almost single handedly, by Venezuelan political engineer Alejandro Peña Esclusa. Today this organization has become a NGO of NGO’s and enjoys the affiliation of almost 100 civic organizations from all over Latin America that feel that, if Latin American democracy is to survive, the Forum of Sao Paulo must be combated in every possible manner. This organization believes that the threat posed to U.S. national security by the Sao Paulo Forum is real and that Americans should be well informed about the totalitarian ideas of this organization. UnoAmerica has published a book: «The Forum of Sao Paulo. A threat to Freedom in Latin America», available at, which contains detailed information about this organization.In its tolerance to the free expression of all ideas, even those openly hostile, U.S. democracy finds one of its greatest sources of strength. As a Latin American I admire this. However, I always remember the case of the girl in the musical play «Oklahoma», who sang: «I am just the girl who can’t say no. I am in a terrible fix.» Apparently she was always pregnant.

Published by Gustavo Coronel