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Carter is co-responsible for the violence in Venezuela

1 junio 2007

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Published at: Midia Sem Mascara, Nueva Prensa

Caracas June 1.- The Carter Center issued yesterday a communiqué expressing “concern over the possible increase of violence in Venezuela”, after the TV station RCTV was closed down by Hugo Chavez.

The civil association Fuerza Solidaria considers this concern extemporaneous and hypocritical. If it were true that Carter was interested in Venezuelan peace, he would have not endorsed the electoral frauds committed in our country.

The electoral irregularities supported by Carter, gave Chavez absolute control of the public branches of power, and thus the means of illegally shutting down the TV station.

In the communiqué Carter lessens Chavez responsibility, when he accuses the media for “contributing to the political polarization of the country”. It is not the media who polarizes, but the regime that pretends to impose a totalitarian model on the Venezuelans.

The Venezuelan people have systematically tried many peaceful ways out to the crisis, but when the regime blocks all lawful or electoral solutions, conditions for conflict and confrontation arise.

There are so many evident electoral irregularities committed in Venezuela, that Carter’s endorsement appears highly suspicious. Consequently, Fuerza Solidaria requests the American authorities to investigate The Carter Center suitability for supervising ballots.

Alejandro Peña Esclusa
President of Fuerza Solidaria