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Chávez’s Trip to Argentina seeks to conceal his own crimes

11 marzo 2007

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Rome, March 11th, 2007. – «The anti-Bush campaign that Chávez makes in Argentina attempts to turn international attention from the crimes that he himself commits against the Venezuelan people», the Venezuelan political leader Alejandro Peña Esclusa proclaimed today in Rome where he is on tour to present scientific proof of the fraud committed by the government in the last presidential elections on December 3 rd 2006.

According to Peña Esclusa «Chávez wants to appear like a victim in front of the power of the United States, but in fact, it is a strategy to conceal the numerous crimes that the powerful Venezuelan regime commits against its own people».

The Venezuelan opponent declared that among the irregularities Chávez’s Government commits in Venezuela there are also the following ones: «ferocious persecution against the dissidence, political prisoners, electoral fraud, use of the State’s resources to finance its personal project, destruction of the institutions, youth indoctrination, support to the Colombian guerrilla, alliance with transgressive regimes, and the exportation of its Castro-communist model to the rest of the Region. In order to hide so many atrocities, Chávez accuses others of what he himself commits».

Peña Esclusa recommended that the Argentine mass media carry out an investigation of the Venezuelan situation and accepts the offered support of the ONG, over which he presides, «FUERZA Solidaria», to provide all the required information.

This Venezuelan regrets that Néstor Kirchner lends his endorsement to a totalitarian regime and emphasized that the true objective of the money Chávez offers for diverse investments in Argentina is to buy consciences and to participate in the internal matters of that sister Nation.

The Venezuelan political leader arrived last Monday in Madrid, where he was received by Spanish congress representatives. Then, he travelled to Italy where he had important meetings with a delegation of the Union Christian Democracy, as well as authorities of the Vatican State.