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28 Feb 2009

On January 6, 2009, Hugo Chávez expelled the Israeli ambassador in Venezuela. Immediately after, the terrorist group Hamas publicly congratulated the «courageous step taken by the Venezuelan president.» Three weeks later, after repeated anti-Semitic speeches by Venezuelan officials, the Tiferet Israel synagogue in Caracas was brutally desecrated. The perpetrators were later caught by the police, but they were undoubtedly encouraged by the official discourse.

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23 Feb 2009
Book: The Foro de São Paulo. A Threat to Freedom in Latin America.

The demolition of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Soviet Empire in 1990, in addition to the adoption of private enterprise in China, led to the belief that the long nightmare of the Marxist social engineering experiment was over. The world was moving towards globalization- depicted by the phrase “global village”. The once powerful communist parties of Western Europe were shamed into changing their names and doctrine. In Latin America, the only Marxist country was Cuba, suffering under the iron fist of a senile dictator. Cuba had just lost the Soviet subsidies that allowed it to pay for its oil and food. The predictions of Francis Fukuyama, in the sense that ideology would no longer subsist, rang true. Liberal economics would be the rule the world over.

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5 Mar 2008

In response to the information regarding Hugo Chavez links to the FARC that was found in the computers seized from this terrorist group, different spokesmen of the Venezuelan government have reacted, saying that this is a deceiving lie. But in fact all the information presented by the director of the Colombian Police, General Oscar Naranjo, has been publicly denounced for years.

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1 Jun 2007

Caracas June 1.- The Carter Center issued yesterday a communiqué expressing “concern over the possible increase of violence in Venezuela”, after the TV station RCTV was closed down by Hugo Chavez.
The civil association Fuerza Solidaria considers this concern extemporaneous and hypocritical. If it were true that Carter was interested in Venezuelan peace, he would have not endorsed the electoral frauds committed in our country.

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15 Abr 2007
The systematic annihilation of the right to vote in Venezuela

«This document (written by ESDATA) chronicles how the CNE’s bias came about and the violation of the fundamental principles that define the right to vote (impartiality, transparency and confidence in the secrecy of the ballot), along with summaries of papers presented by distinguished professionals and scientists regarding the official electoral results and the REP since RR 04.»

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11 Mar 2007

Rome, March 11th, 2007. – «The anti-Bush campaign that Chávez makes in Argentina attempts to turn international attention from the crimes that he himself commits against the Venezuelan people», the Venezuelan political leader Alejandro Peña Esclusa proclaimed today in Rome where he is on tour to present scientific proof of the fraud committed by the government in the last presidential elections on December 3 rd 2006.

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9 Feb 2007
Why the Venezuelan election was fraudulent

In the Presidential Elections of 2006, a massive fraud was committed. But this fraud began years ago when Chavez launched his Presidential campagin in 1998 promising change; he also vowed to end corruption and to solve the problems of the Venezuelan people and the country gave him a chance.

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29 Ene 2007
The Foro de Sao Paulo and Cuba’s Influence in Latin America

Conferencia dictada en inglés en The Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.
Miami – Fl, 29 de enero de 2007

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26 Ene 2007

Venezuelans have a constitutional duty to rise up against Hugo Chavez because the South American president is becoming a tyrant, a leading political opponent said on a Washington visit this week.

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8 Ene 2007

On January 15, 2007, El Salvador hosted the XIII Encounter of the Forum of Sao Paolo (FSP), [1] an organization that was created by Fidel Castro and Lula da Silva in 1990 to regroup the leftist forces in the region after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent failure of Communism.
The occasion prompted the publication of a document, written by, among others, the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) and the Fifth Republic Movement (Movimiento Quinta República or MVR) from Venezuela.