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Jail as a mechanism to freedom

19 julio 2010

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For two years I have been waiting for my imprisonment, due to the effective work I have been achieving against Mr. Chavez and his allies of the Forum Sao Paulo. In the coming days and weeks, the extent of this work will be disseminated.

Friends and acquaintances, and even fellow UnoAmerica across the continent, insisted I had to leave Venezuela and work from abroad. «From the outside you can be more helpful to the cause, because in prison you’ll be will be given up for lost” they said.

However, I answered: «Venezuela needs leaders willing to sacrifice themselves for their country. So much disappointment and dejection is present that we must provide the country with proof of love for Venezuela. It’s the only way to boost morale among the people” I told them.

I have also restated to my colleagues, that this struggle is not only a political one, but primarily spiritual. A materialist and atheist model cannot be overcome with political recipes; but transcendent values and principles embodied in leaders who with their example instill optimism and hope, can.

It was John Paul II who defeated communism in Poland, but not with political feats, although the collaboration of Solidarność movement was crucial. Here I should mention that Fuerza Solidaria, the organization I preside, is inspired by that same struggle; hence its name.

As mentioned earlier, my imprisonment would not only contribute to the liberation of Venezuela from the clutches of Castro-Communism, but paradoxically, also has helped to extricate me from myself. I feel my life has a special meaning, because I am not living for my own benefit, but for a cause that is greater than me.

If my opponents thought they would make me a prisoner, they have achieved just the opposite; indescribable feelings and emotions have been released, those that swell the heart with love for this country.

To my dear compatriots, I reiterate:

DO NOT BE AFRAID!       You can do it, BE HOPEFUL!

Alejandro Pena Esclusa

From sister jail.
Caracas, July 17, 2010