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UnoAmérica in The Hague announces trial against Chavez

4 agosto 2009

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Alejandro Peña Esclusa en la Corte Penal Internacional - La Haya

Alejandro Peña Esclusa en la Corte Penal Internacional - La Haya

THE HAGUE, August 4 – Alejandro Peña Esclusa, president of UnoAmérica, arrived today to The Hague to formally accuse Hugo Chavez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for crimes against-humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC).Mr. Peña Esclusa was received by ICC officials at 11:30AM.

Mr Peña Esclusa said that Hugo Chavez is a threat for the stability of the western hemisphere and the security and peace of the region. Mr. Peña Esclusa acts on behalf of more than a hundred non-governmental organizations (NGOs) belonging to UnoAmérica.Based on extensive research, Mr. Peña Esclusa accuses Chavez for his direct intervention in subverting Latin American countries, including the recent events occurred at Honduras.

Mr. Peña Esclusa explained how Chavez created the current crisis in Honduras due to his participation in the failed attempt to change the Honduran Constitution by former President Manuel Zelaya, an illegal action according to the Honduran Constitution. As a result of this crime, President Zelaya was deposed by the Honduran Supreme Court and the Congress. Chavez threatened the Honduran new authorities to send armed troups to violently restore Zelaya.

Chavez has been directly promoting violence in Honduras, something which is is typified as a felony according to the Rome Statute.Mr. Peña Esclusa also disclosed UnoAmerica’s intentions of accusing Chavez for supporting FARC (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces), a group considered terrorist by Colombia, the European Union and the State Department of the United States of America.The recent discovery of Swedish-made rocket launchers at FARC camps has caused serious alarm in the European Union. These rocket launchers were originally sold to Venezuela by a Swedish manufacturer. This fact helps sustain the charges against Chavez.The delivery of the rocket launchers to the Colombian rebels by Venezuelan officials was mentioned in detail by FARC terrorist leader Raúl Reyes.

Reyes’ computers were seized in March 2008 during a Colombian Military operation in which Reyes was killed. The legitimacy of Reyes computers and stored content were authenticated by Interpol. The Interpol report rest at the International Criminal Court as supporting evidence.For more about the activities of UnoAmerica, please visit