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Hugo Chávez is –indeed– closely tied to terrorism

5 marzo 2008

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Published at : America´s Daily

Open letter to President Uribe

Dr. Álvaro Uribe Vélez
President of Colombia

In response to the information regarding Hugo Chavez links to the FARC that was found in the computers seized from this terrorist group, different spokesmen of the Venezuelan government have reacted, saying that this is a deceiving lie. But in fact all the information presented by the director of the Colombian Police, General Oscar Naranjo, has been publicly denounced for years.

Back in July, 1998, I publicly denounced the presidential candidate Chávez for receiving financing from the Colombian narcoguerrilla, these declarations were supported by trustworthy information received at that time and were widely published by the Venezuelan national press.

Considering the numerous elements linking Chávez with the guerrillas, I edited a report on November 1, 1998 which textually stated: «Even earlier than 1992, Chávez has been as he still is today an instrument of Fidel Castro and of the Latin-American guerrillas, who continuously attempt to make use of the Venezuelan iron, oil, and aluminum, as well as of the geopolitical influence of our country, to expand the Cuban Revolution to all of Latin America”.

Furthermore, on November 17, 1999, the leader of the ELN, Pablo Beltrán, held an interview in the television network Globovisión, where he affirmed that Chávez and the ELN were a part of the same organization: the Sao Paulo Forum.

In July, 2000, I edited a booklet entitled «Hugo Chávez: the candidate of the Colombian guerrillas» where I exposed the ties of Chávez with the FARC. The content of the booklet was digitalized and is available in the electronic site of the NGO that I now preside, Fuerza Solidaria.

On July 27, 2000, I introduced a written accusation in the General Prosecutor’s Office, requesting an indictment against Chávez for committing treason for –among other causes– ordering the delivery of funds to the Colombian guerrillas. The complete text of this writing is available on the above mentioned web page.

As can be clearly appreciated here, the information extracted from Raúl Reyes’ computer represents a confirmation of what was already well-known, that Chavez links to the FARC is not a “deceiving lie”, as has been alleged by the spokesmen of the Venezuelan government, but an actual corroboration of his connections with this group.

And it is exactly that –the confirmation of these connections– which has motivated Chávez to generate an international conflict; because, having been so openly exposed, he now needs an external crisis for concealing his complicity with the terrorist groups.

The overreaction of Chávez, breaking diplomatic relations with Colombia, using as an excuse the defense of the sovereignty is –in addition to being false– also hypocrite. False, because it is not up to him to defend the Ecuadorian territory; and hypocrite, because if there is someone who has violated the sovereignty of other nations it is precisely Chávez, for having openly and shamelessly supported his political allies in other countries, something which has cost him numerous denunciations, some of them recorded in the OAS.

In short, the disproportionate reaction of Chávez is due first of all, to the fact that his close friend and political comrade (Raúl Reyes) died; and secondly, because he would like to cover up his responsibility regarding his ties to a terrorist and drug trafficking organization which –paradoxically– commits serious crimes not only in Colombia, but also in Venezuela.

Finally, I would like to call your attention to an open letter that I addressed to the Colombian people more than three years ago, specifically on January 25, 2005, where I textually warned: «Since the Colombian government has managed to dismantle the third part of the FARC and the ELN, and threatens to defeat them definitively, the Sao Paulo Forum (Foro de Sao Paulo) has launched a continental plan to overthrow President Álvaro Uribe. The plan consists of, first, launching a dirty campaign against Uribe, with the participation of all the members of the FSP in Latin America, to weaken him politically; and, second, using Venezuela as an instrument against the Colombian government, thus creating a serious internal crisis”.

The ambush that your government suffered yesterday in the OAS meeting is a consequence of the above mentioned plan, because Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa, are not only members of the Sao Paulo Forum (as well as the FARC), but in addition they came to power thanks to the direct support of Chávez.

This explains why these Presidents –instead of congratulating your government for the successful military operation that neutralized one of the worst criminals of the world– are now trying to destabilize Colombia and force your country to yield to the demands of narcoterrorism.

I would like to reiterate my most sincere recognition for the excellent work you have undertaken and to reaffirm that the Venezuelan people strongly reject the violent behavior of Chávez.

Alejandro Peña Esclusa
President of Fuerza Solidaria
Caracas, March 5th